Thursday, February 22, 2007

Results are in!

Somewhat surprisingly (although this is a good thing), there was a lot of common ground between responses. People mentioned freedom a great deal, the ability to do what you really want to do, the openness of having a vast world that doesn't judge you, the unlimited possibilities.

If I had to condense all of the answers into one word, I would have to say epic. A huge world filled with opportunities, where you have the chance to make a difference. Where there are just so many dimensions that anyone can find their place and be where they want to be. A place where the story is constantly evolving, and written by those within it, an ongoing masterpiece rather than a simple short story forced to go where the creator wants it to. A land where heroes can forge their names, and where legends are born.

So, along the lines of breaking open the world and forging names, land costs for homes and society halls have been greatly reduced. Actual building prices remain the same, but now it is much easier to have that family homestead (or would that be gnomestead?) over in Rejkehad, or a grand castle to keep back the ogres way down south. Whether a legend in your own time or in your own mind, everyone can now have a place of their own.

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