Saturday, February 03, 2007

On the Wings of a Review

With her sharp eyes and ... receptive leaves, Fern spotted a nice word that someone had for the game:

"Perhaps THE MOST robust character creation and combat systems that I've ever stumbled across resides in a custom built MUD called Legends of Karinth -- With everything from combat stances and styles to the ability to make your own spells, this game rules. It is an entirely skill based game. No classes. You can train in any skill you desire. You can establish organizations and trade routes. Check out the site for info. Of course, people used to playing games with graphics will probably not be convinced to try it. But I highly recommend it."

I have no idea who posted this, but it is definitely one of the things that keeps us going. Unsolicited reviews and word-of-mouth not only get the news out there and attract new players, but also help to keep us motivated with that little sense of pride. We're people too, you know. Just as complaining about things we do gets us down, these little proclaimations of enjoyment are like gems for our treasure chests of accomplishment. We like to see people happy and enjoying what we've made. So, to whoever you are - thank you, and have an armadillo day.

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