Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back to the Beginning

Despite many hardships and even swimming upriver, a salmon instinctively returns to its spawning ground.

At the risk of sounding like one of those droning documentaries about nothing particularly interesting to anyone, this seems to be a recurring theme. My online life, as I know it, began on a very strict roleplaying game, although I long since thought that those days were past. I have grown away from the rules and norms, come to accept and appreciate other styles of play, and generally have broadened my horizons in a way that I would never have thought possible at the time.

However, I have, for the first time in two years or more, gone and partaken in some serious, deliberate, and very high quality roleplaying, on a game that even though I work on, surprised me with it. Karinth was the game that taught me, if you will, to be openminded and non-judgmental, and I always felt in the back of my mind that I had left behind the world of serious and detailed roleplay, and had best forget about it. Apparently this is not so, and I have high hopes for the future, which seems bright with the possibilities of kindred spirits, and enjoying such future events.

And it struck me, this is not receding, returning to old ways and habits, but in itself continued learning. Learning to be patient, learning that in such a wide and diverse environment, anything is possible. Learning that the future, at least in such a flexible medium, is indeed open: and also open to finding previously held preferences. In a new light, though, one that mixes the previous enjoyment with the more modern eclectic appreciations.

The world is what we make it, and what we seek is there to be found, somewhere, in some time, whether by our doing or another's.

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Sage said...

I find it refreshing to hear about these sorts of experiences, if only because I know I'm not open to the idea that it could happen to me yet.

Its sounds to me like finding a piece of oneself that had previously been lost. It might sound crazy to people who have no idea what it means, but being able to reach down into the depth of oneself to find what had been forsaken or purposely pushed away, even if its simply the ability to open to new RP experience on a game, is a mighty step forward.