Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Strange Magic

Just thought I'd check in with a small preview of what I'm working on right now (on the mud, that is... let's not get into the thousand pages of assorted crap that I'm supposed to be both writing and reading at this very moment).

Basically, I've been dubbed the new 'magic guy', meaning that I somehow took on the responsibility of coding all of the changes having to do with the magic system for the next little while. I can't discuss exact specifics just yet, I can say that expect to see some improvements in the next few days. These improvements include:

- Changes (for the better) to a few of the mechanics of the magic system. Nothing earth-shattering, just some improvements that I know you'll appreciate.

- Modifications to a few existing spells to make them, well, actually useful. I'm sure most of you can guess which spells are getting overhauls, since you either don't bother to train them or train them to 1 degree. The move to get rid of '1 degree wonders', as they're known in staffland, began with the abolishment of recall and it's going to continue. Don't worry, though: the new versions of the familiar spells are good.

- Finally, some new spells are going to be introduced. Some aligned with spheres, some not. A few might even require pre-requisites.. who knows. Stay tuned.

The point of these changes (and this is only the tip of the iceberg - there's a lot planned for the future) is to make the 'mage' a more self-sufficient player - in other words, not just a melee fighter with some spells, but someone who can more or less survive dedicating hours primarily to magic. I always like to hear new spell ideas, by the way, so if you've got any just send 'em along.

In other news, the much anticipated styles revamp is coming along well, thanks to the hard work of Tarn and Falknor. I hope you're all enjoying stage one of our favour implementation - there's a lot more planned for that too.


Owl said...

Guess I'll kick it off again.

Sounds neat to have spells that require a prerequiste study. Will it be based on knowing a spell (thereby risking a reintroduction of "1 degree wonders") or will it require that the prior spells have a certain degree trained.

Might be interesting to have to hunt for the spells, or at least hunt for what one needs to do for them.

As for suggestions on spell ideas, what if they're merely another take on an existing spell?

All in all, looking forward to seeing the changes.

Aelius said...

The preqequisite stuff is still being planned (though it's been in, albeit in limited form, for a while - manifestations, for example), but I can guarantee you that they will be based on the number of degrees. In other words, there won't be any 1 degree wonders. You'll need 270 degrees in X, 360 in Y, and so on.

And as for your ideas for existing spells - well, I can't promise that we'll change spells that already exist (especially if they're not broken/are useful), but if you've got some good ideas then please, send them along.